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It is quite simple. Everyone in this game likes better gear. Some more than others, but we all like having good gear to show off about buy wow gold. If you do not, you are lying. It feels good to have something new that someone else does not, that stands as a testament to your achievement. Gear is also the source of an immense quantity of imbalance in this game, and anyone who has played Arena this sytem can speak to this to buy wow gold.

So why are not we all just given the gear? The question holds a lot of validity, but Blizzards claims of "rewarding your for your time" (however ridiculous they might often seem) are echoed every time a PvXer complains about gear from PvY being too easy to get. Remember how much people hated the idea of giving BT quality loot for badges about buying wow gold? Or how many people complained that players in welfare S3 got the same item models as their "harder to earn" T6?

Blizzard recognizes to some extent that the gap must close over time (hence that BT quality Badge gear). I think it needs to close sooner. Imagine the winners of the Stanley Cup were given sticks that were 20% better than those of the people they play against. It seems stupid because it is - the item that represents the trophy also gives an inherent advantage to winning future trophies. Why does KT drop weapons that are 13 ilvl higher than any other ones in the game? Why does Deadly gear have a requirement at all if it is the only one with an ilvl capable of competing with PvP loot about buying wow gold? Give people the best gear, or close to it, and find a way for them to show off their awesomeness in a way that does not destroy game balance about buy wow gold.

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