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WOW Gold - WoW - Tanking & PvP Healing Changes

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Get the latest on WoW balance changes.
World of Warcraft developers announced some minor changes to Death Knight and Paladin tanking abilities, and introduced a sweeping new change to PvP healing for the new arena season.

The changes made to resilence were creating a PvP atmosphere where some healers seemed nearly impossible to kill. Resto Druids and Holy Paladins in particular were able to attain levels of physical damage reduction akin to a PvE geared tank thanks to their naturally high armor, and high resilience. This change will essentially deflate the value of healing by an amount roughly similar to the amount of damage reduction provided by the changes to resilience.
This should make life a little bit easier for damage dealers, but it'll still be quite a task to take down a healer without someone applying a wound effect and interrupting casts effectively. Many players were expecting a change of this nature after the resilience buff was announced. The general consensus on Arena Season 7 was that there was simply too much burst in the game, and that damage and healing both needed to be toned down so that games could last longer and be more strategic. The final straw seemed to be the now infamous grand final match at MLG Orlando in January, which spurred complaints from the arena community on the issue.
Although a 4% reduction to stamina can't be a source of joy for Paladins, I think that many of them are secretly relieved that they got off with such a minor nerf. Paladins have been the go-to tank for raiding since the buffs to Ardent Defender in Patch 3.2. As Crygil noted in the post, that ability is one of the most, if not the most, powerful tanking ability in the game right now. I doubt that this change will have any effect on the use of Protection Paladins in raids.
Death Knights have been waiting since the end of Ulduar for some buffs to achieve parity with the other three tanks in high end PvE. Ask and ye shall recieve! We will probably have to wait and see if these changes to the Death Knight class will be enough to make them a desirable alternative, but this is certainly a good start. Balancing Death Knight tanking has always been a tricky subject, because they are the only class out of the four tank classes that tanks with a two-handed weapon, and can make full use of their tank abilities while doing damage. Given their recent fall in arena popularity, this must have seemed like a good time to implement this change that the community has been asking after for a long time.

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