Dear loyal mmosavor customers:
Thank you for your support, concern and deep love for
As the new year is coming,
we will open a bonus point system for our new and former loyal customers as a New Year gift.
Once you have registered as a member of, you will become a junior VIP of Mmosavor
and get 200 bonus points whether you buy or not.
Afterwards, you will get different amount of bonus points,
depending on your consumption sum when buying from and your consumption amount can be cumulated.
Your bonus points can not pay any payment but it can raise your VIP rank.
We have six different VIP ranks here with each rank getting different coupon for wow gold.
The higher your VIP rank is, the more coupons you will get. As a junior VIP, you will not get coupon other than get 200 bonus points;
as a Medium VIP, you will get a 2% coupon ; by parity of reasoning,
a senior VIP-- 4%,
a Gold VIPí¬7%,
a Platinum VIPí¬9%,

and as a Diamond VIPí¬12%.


Become a member of mmosavor now and enjoy preference for ever!
We wish you a good time in playing wow and a happy new year!