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How to Fight in Cataclysm Raid

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In the raid of wow gold group, you hope everyone has read strategies and watched videos before each boss fight. But even if your memebers have taken this step, that doesn't mean they really understand the whole process, because some of the boss fights in Cataclysm are really confusing.

Essentially, the Omnotron Defense System is a relatively simple council fight. Two robots are up at a time. Each one pops a shield periodically, according to when the new Tron has become active. You have to be ready to heal through Incineration Security Measures, because it damages to the entire raid. Of course, that's a simplification. You also need to get away from the raid when Acquiring Target takes place. It can be difficult to keep all the elements straight in your head, especially if you're simply going by lists of abilities.

Once you've seen the fight a few times, it gets easier. All of the their abilities are clean and obvious and you can't miss them. The challenge for a leader is how to introduce all these elements to a wow gold raid group and organize the dynamics mentally for both himself and his members. Simply reading a list of abilities won't get the job done. So the raid leader's job is to interpret information from strategies and videos into messageable information for the raid.

Publish Time:Friday, April 01, 2011

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