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Under level 10

If you have just begun to play the World of Warcraft, we will help you do the quests in the starter area to make sure you can have a perfect start in this world.

Level 10-20

Now you are no longer a fresh man in World of Warcraft. From now on we will go to Westfall first to help you do the quests and fight monsters. Westfall is a remote place and connects with the Stormwind Kingdom.

Level 20-30

At this level, we may go to the Duskwood, where there are lots of the same quests at the same places. We will accept these quests at the same time to save your time and fight monsters for you.

Level 30-35

We do the quests and fight monsters for you at Stranglethorn Vale. The Stranglethorn Vale may be the largest area in Azeroth, and of course also one of the busiest areas. It is a very dangerous place for any Alliance member. Although there may be many PVP players come here to kill us, we will be very careful to defend.


Now we stop doing the quests at Stranglethorn Vale for a while and go to Dustwallow Marsh to complete the quests and fight monsters there.


Then we come back to Stranglethorn Vale Booty Bay to complete the later period quests and fight higher level monsters.


Now we can go to Gadgetzan to do the quests and fight monsters there. Most middle-level players come to Gadgetzan to do quests for it's the nearest flight path to the ZUL instance.


You are around level 50 now, next we will go to Kalaran Windblade to do the quests and fight monsters there. There are just a few quests here, so we will complete them as soon as possible to save your time.


Now we can go to the Fel Woods. Doing the prior period quests and fight monsters there can help you at least level up to 52.


Then we continue to go to the Crater to do the quests and fight monsters there. Most of the monsters here are Beasts, so it is easy to level up and fight monsters here. If your character is hunter, we have confidence to hunt up the rare pets for you.


Now we may come back to Fel Woods to complete the later period quests and fight monsters there. Then go to the Winterspring do quests, where we can help you raise the reputation here and make convenient for you to get achievement reputation.


Your level is around 56 now, we will go to the Western Plaguelands and Eastern Plaguelands to do the quests there. There are lots of Undead wandering about here. If your profession skill is mining, we will help you get lots of valued minerals.


Go to the Hellfire Peninsula and Morass, where we can at least help you level up more than 3 levels. We can help you get lots of Exp when we do quests and fight monsters here.


At this level, we can enter Shattrath City, where we may do city quests and the quests around the Terokkar Forest.


We go to Nagrand do quests and fight monsters there. The Nagrand is the earliest aggregation of the Orcs and the most beautiful area of the Outland. There are no instances there, but there are lots of monsters, quests and PVP instead.


Do quests and fight monsters at Borean Tundra. Most area of Borean Tundra is covered with snow and ice. It is so isolated and barren that no one likes to conquer it.


Enter into Howling Fjord to do quests and fight monsters. The class of the monsters here is just like that of the Borean Tundra, and amount of the quests are about 145.


The Dragonblight is a very important map in the journey of leveling up. We can do about 120 quests here, and some of them are very worth doing. For example, reputation, quests rewards and so on.


After completing the quests at Dragonblight, we now enter the Grizzly Hills to do quests and fight monsters. There may be 2 flight paths for the Alliance here, and we may spend some time to run.


Now we can go to Zul'drak to do quests and fight monsters. This area is the zone of Trolls. There are about 110 quests in this area. We can get the reputation of Death Knight (i.e.DK). This reputation is used for physical DPS head enchanting


You are close to the level 80, keep on going. Now we go to the Stormpeaks to do the quests and fight monsters. We have already helped you get the Cold weather Flight, which will help you a lot to level up fast in the next period of leveling up.


Now you are at level79 and the final victory is in sight! We will complete the quests and fight monsters at Icecrown Glacier. From then on we have done all the power leveling for you and you can own an account of level80. Now just begin to enjoy you wow game to your heart's content!


We will go to Mount Hyjal or Vashj'ir.We will clear all the quests in the zone,then you are over than 82level,it would be cost around 4hours.


Now we can go to Deepholm: Level 82-83 zone within the elemental plane of earth.After we clear the quests of Deepholm,you will up to 83 and a couple.


Now we enter the Uldum:Level 83-84 zone in southern Kalimdor.we can at least level up to lv84.


Then we go back to Stormwind City and doing the quests accecpt from the chieftain.after we done the quest line,we can go to The Twilight Highlands:Level 84-85 zone in Khaz Modan of the Eastern Kingdoms.we can up to 85lv in this zone.

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